‘High quality food can only be made in a high quality environment?’

Would you agree? Words spoken by Charlie Bigham, a long- standing valued customer of Penmann, when he planned and executed his vision for the future of food production to represent his brand name and products. Result – a rural food production campus including a kitchen and offices set in a disused quarry amidst the Mendip Hills in Somerset.

Charlie’s view is that buildings are a means for a company to project values and beliefs to the people that work there and to the public/customers.

Part of a 20 year Masterplan to achieve an ambitious range of visionary objectives, not least:

  • Ponds & pathways linking to wider community pathways
  • Flourishing site ecology
  • Creation of community spaces, cafes & pavilions, for personnel to eat lunch
  • Vehicles parked away from sight lines
  • A visitor centre planned plus Academy for training & cookery courses

Should we view Charlie as a maverick in our industry or, is this the kind of thinking and leadership that Food Producers should consider in order to differentiate brands in an increasingly competitive market place?

We have many go ahead ground breaking customers in our portfolio at Penmann.

Do you have other examples to share?

If you are interested in reading the full story of the Bigham’s Rural Food Campus follow this link to Architecture Today.

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