Hygienic build and plant keep production and cooling systems up to standards

Penmann - Hygienic build and Plant

Compliance with hygiene standards is becoming noticeably more critical for food producers, not to mention the ongoing changes in legislation around the issues of H&S. We are increasingly asked to review customer premises and plant and work with factory and engineering teams to check that all is well, and flag for improvement if not. Our aim is to create the right environment for best practice to prevail at all stages.

  • Do you have non-compliant machines that need replacing?
  • Do you want the best in cooling and conditioning systems?
  • Should you upgrade machines to bring them back up to industry standard?

We have successfully converted systems to a more hygienic construction with better access for cleaning. And we do it with minimum disruption to your factory during the installation process. The greatest outcome in our view is improved product quality and shelf life. More here here on this important subject

Ask us and we will tell you what you should do, and we’d be pleased to perform an audit.

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