Indoor air quality. How do you currently control it?

Penmann Displacement Air Handling technology

This was an issue we discussed with the majority of visitors to our Stand at the PPMA Total Show.

Food Producers shared with us their challenges in this area, normally due to their conventional mixing systems not coping, allowing their units to get too hot, causing onward problems for the safe and effective production of their food.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Penmann has unrivalled expertise in fixing this problem, bringing equable and consistent temperature control back into your unit.

How? Using Displacement Air Handling technology developed by our team. These systems work using the natural buoyance of air as it absorbs heat from process, products and people; providing you with an effective and ENERGY EFFICIENT solution; 5 times more effective at removing internal airborne contamination. We can often upgrade a conventional mixing system too.

Find out about the many ways that Displacement has helped producers, in particular KP, Mizkan and Lamb Weston.

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