Introducing innovations in rapid pallet cooling for a range of food products

Penmann refridgeration

Part of our growth strategy at Penmann is to seek out and develop partnerships with equipment and technology suppliers to deliver innovative solutions to our clients in the UK food manufacturing industry.

Due to Penmann’s long history of being the lead exponent of pallet cooling in the UK we contacted Clauger to explore collaborative opportunities. Clauger is a family-owned company specialising in industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. The ‘fit’ and synergy with our own business were immediately evident although Clauger is a very sizeable company with sales of $250m USD and 1100+ employees.

The main feature of the Clauger pallet cooling solution that they have developed is that the cooling cell forms an air tight seal around the pallet of product to enable all the cooling air to be forced through the pallet stack leading to the achievement of a range of beneficial outcomes:

  • Maximum cooling effect enabled
  • Product cooling times reduced
  • A range of pallet heights accommodated

Due to the compact packaging of a pallet product cooling can be challenging. Our rapid pallet cooling solution is highly effective and can be used to chill a wide range of palletised products. Palletised cooling not only minimises space requirements, it facilitates ease of handling and with end of line dispatch it also reduces double handling.

Together Penmann’s system design experience, combined with Clauger’s cooling cells, delivers yet another level of innovative technology into our UK food industry customers.

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