Is effective rapid cooling challenging your production capacity?

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Appointed by Clauger to represent this global business in the UK, Penmann’s technical excellence and system design experience provide the perfect partnership. Together we offer a highly effective and energy efficient alternative to traditional blast chilling.

With over 45 years’ experience in designing and installing product cooling systems for the food industry Penmann has unrivalled expertise in the sector and thorough knowledge of what works.

Traditional blast cooling systems struggle to prevent air bypassing the product due to the gaps around it. It’s easy for air, and therefore energy, to escape. Put plainly, these systems are wasteful as ultimately, they are simply blowing away your money and resources.

The Clauger Cooling Cell system forms a tight seal around your product therefore ensuring all the air and energy, as well as your money, goes directly into cooling your product as opposed to bypassing it. The cell can cool a wide range of products across a variety of pallet/rack heights. Not only does this provide you with a range of benefits but can, in some cases, achieve pay back in less than two years.

This short video tells you more:

With over 3,000 Cooling Cells operational worldwide it’s a powerful argument for taking a closer look at the technology surrounding it. Worth a conversation with us to find out how you can benefit?

Seven strong arguments to do so:

  • Dramatically improve your cooling times
  • Ensure all product is cooled to less than 5°C
  • Enable quicker & improved dispatch schedule to enhance shelf life
  • Energy efficient cooling with no air bypass
  • Each cell can be tailored to individual product types
  • Ease of handling & with end of line dispatch, reduces double handling.
  • Reduce valuable floor space taken by traditional blast chills for production improvements

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