John’s volunteer day at Leeds Charity Zarach

Zarach 2023 Volunteering

Penmann gives us all an extra day’s holiday to volunteer at a charity or good cause of our choice.

We’ve done some work already with this brilliant charity but it was John’s turn to see at first hand exactly what they do, who they do it for and to help out. Humbling experience.

Zarach (which means rising light Old Testament) was started in 2017 by Bex Wilson, a deputy head at a Leeds school, who realised that some children were coming to school tired; she discovered the reason – they didn’t have a bed to sleep in.

Since then, she has worked tirelessly to build and expand this charity, raising funds and forming partnerships with leading bed producers to deliver over 4,500 beds primarily in the Leeds area but now with hubs in Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Calderdale, Stockport and Romford.

John  spent a day with Paul, also a volunteer, delivering beds across Leeds and then with Mark Cohen, the Manager, touring their warehouse to view the operation which was brilliant. It’s unbelievable that in the 21st century in a prosperous city like Leeds that so many children do not have the basic of human needs ie a bed to get a good night’s sleep.

Volunteers are always welcome so get in touch if you’d like to volunteer or donate:

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