Just 2 clicks………………

Penmann - just 2 clicks

At Penmann we have always been firm believers that 3 clicks on a website should bring a potential customer to the page where they need to be to get the information they want and avoid them ‘bouncing off’.

Some recent fine tuning to Penmann’s main Products/Services pages means we can deliver instant information on our 3 key areas of operation in not 3 clicks, but just 2 clicks from entering our domain in the search box Hit enter and then click our product/service pages:

Process/Product Cooling and Conditioning

Air Conditioning


Should make searching on our site quicker and easier.

We’ve added content too so that if you’re new to Penmann (or just want to remind yourself what we offer) you see a summary of our expertise, our products listed out, links to our solutions pages where we showcase how we tackle and resolve the most common problems encountered in food and drink production.

 Let us know if we can help you with any challenges you have in your food production unit – always happy to chat.

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