Major yoghurt cooling solution contract for Leading Dairy Manufacturer

Penmann wins largest contract of its kind in the UK

We are delighted to share news of Penmann’s largest ever contract win awarded by a leading UK yoghurt and Dairy Producer to whom we have been delivering cooling solutions for over 23 years. This underlines the trust between our organisations and Penmann’s ongoing innovation in the sector.

This represents the largest contract of its kind in the UK and possibly globally.

The project will complete late 2024/early 2025 and we are already underway working alongside Clauger, global refrigeration and cooling equipment manufacturers. Clauger will supply their patented rapid pallet Cooling Cells to be integrated into a multi cell system designed to cool all the yoghurt and other dairy products produced at the manufacturer’s flagship site.

If you’ve been following the story of our attendance at the UK Dairy Industries EXPO you may know a little about the Cell and how it is revolutionising the rapid cooling of pallet  products, particularly in the dairy sector. Top takeaways in case you’ve missed them:

  • A highly effective and energy efficient alternative to traditional blast chilling systems
  • The Cell forms an effective seal around the pallet to ensure maximum cooling effect
  • Product cooled to under 5°C, in some cases in less than an hour
  • Quicker, effective cooling by preventing air bypass

There are currently over 3,700 Cooling Cells operational worldwide delivering significant cost and energy saving benefits to Dairy Producers. This is a significant contract for Penmann and in winning it our team has once again demonstrated that our knowledge and technical ability in the field of product cooling is unequalled.

Call John Kirwin for more on this unique cooling solution on 0113 202 7300.

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