Make sure your product cooling systems are up to the job this summer

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Running systems at optimal during the hotter months of the years has become an important consideration for food producers.

Many of our customers have been challenged by the exceptional temperatures of recent summers. It’s a weather pattern that looks set to continue, becoming the norm and not the exception.

If you own, run or manage a food production facility, replicating the changeable climes of dear old Blighty will leave your premises laden with bacteria, condensation and a host of cross contamination problems.

It’s worth asking these 3 vital questions to make sure your products are staying as consistently cool as they should be this summer.

1. How long is it since you performed a full audit of your cooling systems?

The cooling systems on your premises should be checked at regular intervals to ensure they’re running optimally, and fixed if you (or an auditor you’ve hired) notice a problem.

It could be that you find a foundational problem in your cooling systems, like poor energy efficiency or a lack of hygiene control.

But perhaps you’ll find issues which won’t require an overhaul of your process. Checking that the system filters on your systems, for example, are clean, and that all apertures and seals are spick and span, could be all you need to have your processes running smoother than a cold summer pint in the back garden.

No matter the problem you’re facing, you’ll only know about it if you check your cooling facilities thoroughly.

2. Have you made sure your systems are future-proofed?

With outdated facilities, you’re increasing the likelihood of poor health and safety compliance and failing to meet the lofty standards and expectations of your clients.

So make sure the equipment you’re using is completely up to date. If it isn’t, you could find that product cooling becomes an even bigger headache for your business.

3. Do you want the assurance of working with 100% Food Industry professionals?

We’ve got the knowhow you need to make sure your products remain consistently cool throughout your processes. We support a huge variety of clients in the implementation of expert and future-proofed systems.

Even while it’s sunny outside, frosty temperatures could be exactly what you need to make sure your food remains bacteria-free.

And finally …………..Hints and Tips for keeping product cool during hot conditions

1) Lower your overnight set points to pre cool production areas

2) Avoid peak load periods, generally from 13.00 to 16:00

3) Reduce the speed of your production lines where possible to reduce plant load

4) Produce more temperature sensitive products in the morning or overnight

5) Ensure all filters are checked and changed on a regular basis to ensure maximum cooling

6) Ensure refrigeration plants are serviced & cleaned as close to the warm weather season as possible

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