New Year – same challenges

Penmann - New Year same challenges resolutions and appreciations

Seems that COVID is here for a while longer. So too the issues that it brings in its wake, as well as the issues surrounding everyday life

At Penmann we have published our commitment to helping those less fortunate than ourselves wherever and whenever we can.

This may be through our team volunteering programme, our focus on improving the mental health of those around us, or donating to those causes whose values align with the values we hold collectively in the business.

We will continue to champion these beliefs throughout 2022 and support those whose quality of life has been diminished by COVID and those suffering with mental health challenges.

One of the charities we donated to before Christmas we met by chance when helping Charlie Bigham celebrate 25 years in business. Heads Up in Somerset is also one of Charlie’s chosen charities. Sometimes our donations receive no response or thanks – which is disappointing – but for our donation to Heads Up we received a Certificate of Appreciation and letter from Bridget Harvey, Service Director at Heads Up. She told us:

“Many people suffer from a mental health issue at some point in their life; and Heads Up works to support individuals with their mental wellbeing, by building confidence, nurturing the development of new skills, and providing opportunities for social interaction. We also provide support for people suffering from dementia and adults with learning difficulties”.

We will continue to support this and other charities in the sector. Without voluntary donations from people like us they cannot continue their work. Without you – our customers – we cannot carry on donating, as a percentage of our sales is allocated quarterly to good causes.

We’d just like to say thanks!

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