Our top 3 recommendations to prevent overcooling this winter

Penmann - overcoooling

When products such as ice cream or chocolate are produced in environments that are too hot, the potentially ruinous effects are obvious.

But overcooling can be just as detrimental — the moisture it produces can ruin an entire batch of valuable food products and dent your reputation as well as your bottom line.

Our technical experts here at Penmann suggest 3 simple steps to avoid the damaging effects of overcooling in your production units this winter.

Check refrigerated and chilled areas

It’s a no-brainer that suboptimal temperatures caused by faulty settings or damaged equipment in these storage and production zones can cause overcooling. A simple check will reveal any issues and avoid a more complex resolution.

Ensure your chilled areas are well-maintained and performing perfectly by monitoring them regularly — by keeping them tip-top you’ll reduce energy costs and increase efficiency.

Temperature control

Optimised air conditioning helps you keep a keen eye on temperature control issues throughout your production areas. Consistent temperatures don’t just prevent overcooling — they ensure product quality remains high and keeps harmful microorganisms at bay.

Without effective air conditioning, the external temperature can also compromise efficiency — so investing in the right solution sustains standards all year round.


Maintaining optimal ventilation throughout your production areas also helps to prevent the negative effects of overcooling.

Poor ventilation also causes condensation — which in turn produces mould that ruins food and means staff are too busy with onerous cleaning tasks to concentrate on food manufacture.

The appropriate extraction system can be installed with very little disruption to your production processes, so you’ll rapidly see an excellent return on your investment.

Don’t let overcooling compromise fantastic food production — call Penmann on 0113 202 7300 for a customised solution from our technically excellent team. A chat with us costs you nothing and could save you plenty!

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