Passions and Hobbies that drive our Team members

Penmann - team Member Passions and Hobbies

The 2023 Team Engagement Programme kicked off this month with each team member speaking for 5 mins on a topic they love

There were no limits and the choice was open – a pet, a hobby, a place, a person, anything at all. 

Judith our Office Manager who also organises and runs the TE programme commented: “I knew it would push some of them out of their comfort zone (me included) but sometimes that is not a bad thing.

Topics presented were more diverse than I could have predicted, including philosophy, building a guitar from scratch, playing guitar, cycling, music festivals, sewing, dog ownership and the history of Leeds. 

Very diverse passions but the one common theme from everyone was that whatever they chose gave them all personal headspace, time for themselves in busy lives and a sense of purpose.

It turned into a really good session and there were many personal thoughts and feelings aired.  I believe we all found out things about our colleagues which we didn’t know previously and maybe we  continue to look at each other in a slightly different and positive light”.

Investing in the development and engagement of our Team is important for the growth of our business and it’s great to see creative ideas coming forward. We are already looking forward to our next ‘event’!

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