Penmann – always ‘ADAPT’ING!

ADAPT 2024

We are always emphasising the importance of our Team to the prosperity and success of our business.

This is because our reputation is crucial and is built on the successful delivery of projects on time and on budget, our service, customer care and unrivalled ability to work in live production environments. We are good at ‘the difficult’!

Our central project team has 250 + years of cumulative experience, knowledge, and expertise. Team members also subscribe to an agreed set of Behaviours – we are: APPROACHABLE, DEPENDABLE, ADAPTABLE, PROFESSIONAL, THOROUGH.

Hence the acronym ’ADAPT’. This is not something forced on individuals; rather it’s a set of Behaviours that we have agreed collectively to support the practical application of our company Values. As it’s important how you perceive us, publishing our Behaviours and sharing them means that whenever you deal with Penmann – as a client, supplier partner, contractor or charity – you know how we will conduct our relationship with you.

We are adaptable as a business, continually adapting, modifying and developing our products and services to give you the best experience possible.We are always approachable for an informal chat about any challenge you are experiencing in your production facility.

Contact John Kirwin on 0113 202 7300.

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