Penmann Cooling Times – our aptly named round up of issues and challenges affecting food producers

Penmann Cooling Times Spring Issue

We are pleased to share the Spring issue of Cooling Times with you all. Featuring challenges and solutions regarding condensation issues, stopping chocolate from melting, reducing moisture levels, and offering smart rapid chilling solutions.

Pleased also to say we have answers to the daily problems faced by food producers, turned around by our expert team with smart bespoke designs resulting in longer shelf life for customer products, improved efficiency, energy reduction and a comfortable workforce.

The team maintains a positive attitude and ‘business as usual approach’ as we look to a bright future. This Spring certainly takes on a new significance after a year of lockdown.

We continue to offer FREE OPERATIONAL ADVICE AND CONSULTANCY until we emerge more fully from the pandemic. Call us to discuss as, at Penmann, we are ALWAYS here to help. Contact us for an informal chat on any issue you face.

Read the Spring Issue of Cooling Times here

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