Penmann COVID-19 virus planning

The COVID-19 outbreak is evolving across the world and is impacting on individuals and businesses. Penmann have put in place strategies to ensure business as usual for our customers. We have reviewed our business continuity plan and have added specific measures to deal with the effect of the COVID -19 outbreak. This policy will be continually monitored by a dedicated team to ensure business continuity.


We have advised all our team as to the current government advice on prevention and what to do in the event of suspected infection. We are in a strong position having reviewed our team demographic in that they are only expected to suffer the mild effects of the virus. Should we have any suspected cases of the virus we have plans in place, based on government guidelines, and are in a position for all our team to operate remotely should the need arise. We can assure customers that any of our team will not be attending sites if they are displaying any of the symptoms of the virus and similarly we would ask that all customers are able to confirm that their premises are Covid-19 free and have had no incident of infection.

Supply Chain

We are in continual contact with all of our key suppliers and are in a strong position as all of our key items are multi-channel and the bulk of our systems are UK sourced and produced.


We have reviewed our financial contingencies, including allowance enhanced sick pay measures to be introduced. We are in strong position financially but we do request politely that all clients adhere to payment due dates and advise us without delay if there is any likelihood of late payment so as not to exacerbate the difficult trading period that is potentially predicted by government.


We have reviewed our overall Business Continuity plan, the means by which we will communicate with our team and our customers, and we have added a specific Coronavirus plan to reflect the additional steps that would be necessary to maintain service to customers.

There is no threat to our current operations, and we believe that we have taken all necessary steps at this stage to mitigate the impact on our business and therefore the impact on your business. We will continue to monitor developments closely, and check, modify and update our plans in accordance with Government advice and keep customers informed both via our website and direct communications.

 If you have any further questions, please do contact John Kirwin Commercial Director on 0113 202 7300 or mobile 07880 507888 or by email

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