Penmann CSR Policy – we link business acquired to charitable donations


New business won and contracted at Penmann automatically triggers a donation being made to our chosen charities. We made this decision some years ago so that we could give consistently and on an ongoing basis. This avoided us completing a business year and realising that we hadn’t handed over a single penny.

5 significant recent orders have meant that we are in a position to support BIG1 once again. Being part of BIG1 means we can give to as many of the 500+ carefully selected projects we want. All B1G1 projects are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set by global leaders.

We chose 14 organisations this time ranging from feeding hot, nutritious meals to disadvantaged people to planting a tree to save Orang Utans to giving a chicken for a Kenyan family.
A little unusual but we like the choice it gives us and a small amount makes all the difference to somebody’s lives.

Take a look at the BIG1 website and join a growing number of companies giving in this way.

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