Penmann Green Team working on our environmental policy during lockdown

Back in February this year before we even knew anything about a Pandemic heading our way we announced our intention to investigate Penmann’s Environmental Impact and how we can improve this across the business and our external partners.

The original objectives of the Green Team:

  • Agreeing a strategy to determine and monitor our own environmental impact on others including our supply chain, including gaining a better understanding of our client’s environmental strategies.
  • Focusing on improving the energy efficiency of Penmann designs and installations.
  • Examining the use of different refrigerants and Insulation materials and their effect on the environment.

We’ve made considerable progress with a little extra time on our hands and have now officially launched The Penmann Green Team – represented by our cartoon character that many of you will have seen in our video clips.

The Penmann Green team has continued working during lockdown, focusing on the first objective of measuring and improving our Environmental Impact, including our clients and supply chain:

  • Working with clients to understand your aims

We’ve consulted direct and several key clients have sent through their Environmental Statements. This has given us plenty to think about and investigate to ensure we meet your needs.

  • Talking to our major suppliers to understand current thinking

Our supply chain partners and other key stakeholders have their ears and eyes to the ground and have shared vital information

  • Researching the market place to establish latest thinking

There is a wealth of information out there that we’re continually collecting and assessing with the help of contacts across trade bodies, the media, influences and opinion leaders as well as online articles and policy statements.

So much information is out there to harness to improve our strategy and impact on yours. As we continue to improve our knowledge of the Food Industry’s Environmental aims we will continue to update our strategies to suit our position as number one Partner in the Industry.

This is just the start of our own environmental journey and we are inviting you join us to  increase momentum and build on the small but positive changes happening out there in the wider world right now.

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