Penmann is firmly on the road to carbon neutrality

Penmann - Stage 1 establishing our carbon footprint

Why have we decided to become carbon neutral?

As a proactive, responsible and successful company we know that action on climate change is vital to our ongoing success and that of our clients. We also know that engaged companies are likely to reap the rewards of increased revenue, reduced costs, stakeholder engagement and risk reduction, that flow from environmental programmes.

As an organisation Penmann does things ‘properly’. We have set up an internal Green Team and engaged Green Element, a specialist environmental advisory business. Working together over the last few months, we have now completed Stage 1 of the programme – establishing our exact carbon footprint:

Stage 1:      Calculating Penmann’s carbon footprint baseline

A carbon footprint quantified the impact of our activities in a common measure and presents it in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. This will be done according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, including scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions covering utilities, transportation, supply chain and projects. By understanding this figure we will have a baseline that can be used to compare our progress against into the future.

It’s been more than interesting and eye-opening. Here’s what we have found and options open to us for positive change so far:

Penmann - Carbon Neutral programme - stage 1 - establishing our carbon footprint

Calculating the 2020 Carbon Footprint:

Penmann has calculated that the carbon footprint of our head office activities in 2020 was 77 tCO2e.

Identified Carbon Hotspots:

Across Penmann’s operations, four carbon hotspots, which account for ~95% of the total footprint, have been identified, namely commuting, procurement, business travel and heating

Impact of projects:

In addition to reviewing operations, we also calculated the emissions associated with 4 sample projects. This will feed into planning decisions, assisting with presenting low impact options to clients

Taking Action:

From our footprint we have outlined and begun to implement actions in the areas outlined above including implementing sustainable purchasing processes, moving to hybrid company vehicles and reviewing office energy efficiency

Future Targets:

To ensure emissions reductions year-on-year and reach net zero by 2050, Penmann is setting emission reduction targets aligned with the Science-based Targets Initiative

ISO 14001:

Penmann is setting up an environmental management system aligned with ISO 14001 covering operations in order to manage our environmental responsibilities

We intend to demonstrate how this programme is helping our business by sharing positive examples of the achievements we are making.

Stage 2 is underway already – to agree targets for reducing emissions in line with current climate science and how we are going to achieve them.

If you’d like to know more about our programme and Green Element please contact us.

More about Green Element here

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