Penmann kicking off new sponsorship deal with local youth football team

Just as the Premier League kicks off for the new season, here at Penmann we are sharing our good fortune and supporting the local Guiseley U15 blues. This opportunity is a first for us! I think we are secretly hoping we might discover a budding premier league player in the ranks!

For now however the team is playing in the Craven league division C. Our link to the team is via Keith Pearson, our Opps Manager, whose son is in the team and Keith is one of the Coaches. For his sins he is also the referee for the home games. Dubious honour!

Second in the league last year we are wishing for great things for the team. Kicked off with our new shirts for a friendly against opposition two divisions above so a 2-4 defeat gives them food for thought and work to do. They played a second friendly on Wednesday night against a team in the league above, coming back from 2-0 down to snatch a 2-2 draw with the last kick of the game.

The shirts look great and the kids are grateful for the support whatever the outcome!

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