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Penmann - new Behaviours - ADAPT

Company Behaviours. Always evolving and always kept under review.

During the summer the team got together to review and discuss Penmann’s current published Behaviours.

Against a background of changes in our market place, a growing team, working from home and a myriad of other challenges such as cost of living and life post Covid, there was unanimous agreement that our Behaviours had actually evolved naturally.

Behaviours are the practical application of our company Values and how these show themselves through our day-to-day actions. We care about how you perceive us, so publishing our Behaviours and sharing them means that in whatever capacity you deal with Penmann – as a client, supplier partner, contractor or charity – you know what to expect.

Our newly agreed Behaviours are:


– making a neat and memorable acronym of ADAPT.

Fitting? We think so. We are adaptable as a business, continually adapting, modifying and developing our products and services to give you the best experience possible.

Anyone want to chat with me about the importance of aligning Behaviours and Values within a team please do comment.

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