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Penmann - More pets, more food

We’ve been noticing a few different trends as we get further into the current lockdown. More enquiries from pet food producers for advice and bespoke solutions to manufacturing challenges.

They are clearly responding to the dramatic rise in pet acquisition during COVID, particularly amongst millennials. According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) there has been a staggering rise in pet acquisition:    

  • Over one third (35%) of young adults (age 24-35) have already embarked on lives as new pet owners – or are planning to add a pet to their families
  • 2.1m (19%) collected a new pet in lockdown 
  • 1.8m (16%) are planning to add a pet to their household

Although this research highlights a spike among younger owners, 11% of all households have already welcomed a new pet and 10% plan to do so. 

So, it’s no wonder that pet food producers are having to increase their capacity and are facing the very same challenges faced by producers of food for us humans.

Penmann has relevant experience in the sector as we’ve worked with a number of pet food producers. We can provide designed and installed solutions to cool petfood and pet treats; air handling solutions to filter and pressurise production environments; extract systems to remove steam, prevent condensation and remove the risk of cross contamination and building fabric corrosion.

Get in touch if we can bring our vast experience to bear on improving your pet food manufacturing business.

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