Penmann’s Air Handling expertise shared with leading Bakery Company’s Engineering Team

Penmann Air Handling Expertise - Displacement Air Handling Systems

John Kirwin, Penmann’s Sales & Marketing Director, was pleased to be invited to share our team’s expertise and technical excellence in Air Handling with a customer’s chief engineers national meeting last week.

Interactive training was designed to show how we can improve the quality and effectiveness of your air within production areas.

During the session he focused on Displacement Air Handling at which Penmann really does excel. Conversion to a Displacement system from a conventional mixing system will provide you with a number of major benefits – perhaps the most interesting one at this particular time, being the opportunity to save on energy costs:

  • Energy efficient – less air required to condition occupied zone
  • Reduced cooling plant size and running costs
  • 50% more heat removed per M³ compared to conventional mixing system
  • 5 times more effective at removing internal airborne contamination
  • Delivers full fresh air to where it’s required
  • Much lower lifecycle costs

If you would like to run a similar training session with your teams then please let John know – he is happy to provide a tailored event.

Head over to our Displacement Air Handling page for more information on this technology

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