Penmann’s contribution to a £28.8bn industry

Penmann Process cooling

As we get consumed by the minutiae of the working day it’s always worth just taking a pause and looking at the bigger picture presented by the UK Food and Drinks Industry – of which we are a small but not insignificant contributor. This is an industry that contributes £28.8bn to the UK economy whilst being the largest manufacturing sector in the country.
Penmann is part of the vital supply chain into this industry where the wider picture is one of an employment pool of almost 4 million people generating over £112 billion of value for the economy each year.

Thanks to the FDF* for continually reminding food industry professionals about the work that we do day in and day out as our contribution to the vital, challenging and ever changing food and drink production landscape.

It’s why Penmann continues to deliver leading edge air handling and product cooling solutions developed over 43 years of working and specialising in system design and installation for the food industry. Time to call Penmann.

*Source FDF Facts & Stats

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