Pork Pies – another of our national treasures!

Penmann - Tulip pork pies

Seems fitting after the England Footy team’s win over Denmark to draw your attention to another of our hugely popular national institutions – the much-loved Pork Pie – and showcase how we helped a prominent producer in the sector to replace and upgrade their existing pork pie coolers

The pork pie has been a staple in diets for centuries and comes in many shapes and sizes depending on where its manufactured. The combination of the outer pastry enclosing the meat and other ingredients, demands that the pies be carefully handled and cooled during production to maintain compliance and enhance shelf life.

Located within the heart of Lincolnshire Tulip engaged us to assess their processes and commission us to design a clever cooling solution which, including new rack coolers, ended up cooling their pies 4 times faster than they’d been previously able to. The new hygienic installation also future-proofed production capacity.

In sport and business it’s vital to have the right team around you to ensure you achieve your objectives and get a successful outcome. You can find more detail on Penmann’s collaboration with Tulip here

Call us for more information or if you’d like to arrange for us to audit your processes.

PS Hope everyone’s nerves will hold for Sunday. COME ON ENGLAND!

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