Problem Solving – Communication, Observation and Teamwork are key!

Penmann - working together

The latest challenge in the Team Engagement programme focussed on the all-important areas of communication, observation and teamwork as problem solving tools.

This task involved copying a Lego model built by Judith, our Office Manager.

In Judith’s own words: “I split a box of bricks into 3 identical piles, made a model out of one and gave the team (whom I’d divided into two groups) the other two bags, one each.  They had to replicate what I had made; not only the structure but also the colours which were random. It proved to be quite a test – neither team got it perfectly correct but it was a thought provoking session and interesting to see the various approaches people had to solving the problem. Chocolate prizes were given to the team who came closest!” 

At Penmann we are challenged daily to find solutions to the production issues experienced by UK Food producers. It’s important we work together as a team and, by understanding each other’s motivations and approaches to problem solving we aim to improve the way we problem solve as a business.

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