Proud to donate to Yorkshire Aid Convoy

Penmann Yorkshire Aid Convoy

Yorkshire Aid Convoy made a trip to Ukraine last month, talking vital supplies, meeting people on the front line and sadly, witnessing firsthand the ongoing destruction, and consequent deprivation, caused by 2 years of this unnecessary war.

Those of you who know JOhn Kirwin our Sales & Marketing Director also know that this is a cause extremely close to his heart and he has organised several fund raising activities, always working with a network of Yorkshire people, all doing ‘their bit’ to help. A percentage of our quarterly sales here at Penmann goes to charities of our choice so we were very pleased to be able to send a £500 donation towards YAC’s latest mission.

If like John and the rest of the team, you want to help out find out the different ways you can do this here

If you want to chat to John direct his contact information is below 👇 and he’s just at the end of a phone. Together we can make a greater difference.


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