Quorn taking the lead in the Food Industry – first with Carbon Labels

Penmann - Singing Quorn's Praises

This is what we would fully expect from a leader in the Food Industry. Applauding our Client Quorn’s initiative in becoming the first major UK food brand to have carbon labels on their product packaging. It’s a great video – well executed:


Here’s what their CEO, Marco Bertacca has to say – SUPER PROUD: Quorn Foods is the first major food brand to have carbon labels on our products!! And then to see other big multinational companies following our lead is a fantastic development for the future of our planet. This Financial Times video does a brilliant job explaining why people expect more transparency when it comes to the origins and sustainability of their food, and the need for other companies to begin their own carbon labelling journey. Ultimately we need many other food brands to join us if we’re going to help people make the food choices that will protect our environment.

It’s 25 years since manufacturers have been displaying nutritional contents on packaging but consumers are now looking for something more as concern rises about the environment and climate change. Responsible producers are responding to this trend to secure future favour with customers.

 Penmann’s Green Team is borne of similar concerns and although the end consumer is not one of our direct touch points, our manufacturing customers are. We are formally consulting with as many of them as possible to understand their Environmental Strategies and current thinking so we can respond accordingly.

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