Recent Orders Demonstrate Penmann Expertise Across Diverse Projects


Recent completed projects demonstrate the sheer diversity of our expertise and knowledge here at Penmann. We are pleased to share these as we look to widen yet further our consultancy into new and niche markets:

  • Major drinks producer: Survey of key areas to establish strategy for heating and cooling personnel
  • Sauce producer project: To positively pressurise cool and filter process area to prevent ingress of contamination
  • Yoghurt producer project: To enclose and control temperature and humidity to multi head weigher to ensure continuity of production
  • Noodle producer: New ventilation system to improve operator conditions
  • Snacks producer: Ventilation to Oven Hall to provide balanced air supply and keep area cool
  • Dog Treat producer: Refurbish existing cooler to help maximise throughput
  • Cereal Producer: Tank Farm ventilation to help prevent mould growth

We have a wealth of case studies that make compelling reading if you are looking to upgrade your production facilities with innovative and effective product cooling solutions, air conditioning or ventilation systems : Penmann Case Studies

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