Reduced annual running costs of £90K+ – great aid to the ‘digestive’ system

A recent project for Mc Vitie’s has netted our client an annual saving of over £90K of cost in the Digestive Biscuit production area. No apologies for my pun 😊 – as this is just part of an overall bundle of savings that an upgrade to a Displacement Air Handling solution has delivered:

  • Peak load 11% lower = reduced plant size & associated capital costs
  • Reduced air volumes = fewer fi­lters & reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced refrigeration plant operation = longer life for compressor & condenser fan life

All this and more achieved by upgrading the client’s existing air conditioning system. Penmann are specialists in this technology with many examples of installations that we can share with you.

The client commented: “Penmann’s design using displacement air distribution is a real benefit to our business particularly with rising energy costs. The project was undertaken in a very professional manner and delivered on time and budget”.

With the economic climate continuing to challenge we can assess your current air con systems and advise on upgrades to cost you less than a new system whilst saving you substantially at the same time.

Call us to find out more and if you know any Food Producers to refer us to please go ahead.

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