Rising to the Challenges of 2020

Penmann - Rising to the challenge of this strange and difficult year

When we put together our review of 2019 about this time last year we knew that the UK was about to leave the EU – little did we know how protracted that situation would become. That aside the, as yet unstoppable, high speed train we know as COVID hurtling down the tracks towards us at relentless speed in March, changed all our lives and our businesses for ever. And continues to do so.

So, whereas we described 2019 as a ‘Year of Achievement’ at Penmann, this time round as we look back on the key events of 2020 it’s more fitting to talk about how we’ve risen to the challenge of this strange and difficult year.

How, as a business, we can be proud of the actions we took to support our team and our customers with free advice and installations completed to keep food producers up and running.

John Kirwin, Sales and Marketing Director, personally devoted considerable energy outside of work to his Mountain Biking and combined it with a spot of Vlogging to express my views on keeping active, staying fit and remaining positive. His posts are well worth a view on his Linked In page.

2020 in view is a real cornucopia of new clients, projects, installations, CSR and team expansion. I’d like to say massive thanks to our team, support companies including Altrigen, YTL and Alcumus and all our loyal customers and associates, who supported us all at Penmann during the year and going forward into 2021. Read about it below:

Penmann 2020 - rising to the challenge of this strange and difficult year

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