RunningManAndy’s 24 hour run for Wheatfields Hospice

Penmann - RunningManAndy 24 hour challenge

A recent addition to the Penmann Team, Andy Wilson brings with him a spirit of caring, charitable support and a desire to help others less fortunate than himself. His personal values and beliefs align so closely with the values and beliefs in the Penmann business.

We are all in awe of the challenge that Andy has committed to do this summer. In his own words, this is why he’s going to run for a solid 24 hours:

“Yes that’s me! Renamed by my family “RunningManAndy”! Over the last couple of years I’ve become an avid runner. It keeps me fit in body and mind, and during lockdown it’s been my saviour while the gyms have been closed.

So, having realised that I can actually run quite a long way now (and possibly have a screw loose!), I’ve committed to running for 24 hours on the 3rd July – and all for charity.  My focus is to raise money for Wheatfields Hospice because they were unbelievably caring towards my mum when she needed them back in the late 90’s. I’ve never done anything for charity before, and I’m taking it seriously; training 3-4 times a week and strengthening in the gym, too. It’s important to me to do the best I can for Wheatfields.

This challenge is a great chance for me to raise some much-needed funds by way of gratitude to a fantastic organisation that touches many people. My Mum battled for years with her illness when I was young, and she never stopped trying right to the end.  It’s my turn to battle to the end now. A day’s running doesn’t even come close to the relentless efforts that both the patients and the staff at Wheatfields put in every single day.

I’m not going to be shy in asking for donations to Wheatfields, part of the Sue Ryder organisation. They need all the help they can get with lockdown having decimated their income. Please give for them if not for me. Thank you in advance.”

Penmann - Andrew Wilson New Business Development Engineer
Andy Wilson, Penmann’s Business Development Engineer

To put this challenge into context – a few words about the Sue Ryder organisation that is close to Andy’s heart:

“Lockdown, PPE and visitor restrictions didn’t stop Sue Ryder. They kept on caring because people like me cared too.

But there is one thing that could stop them now. With less income from their shops and many fundraising events cancelled this year, they already have £2m less coming in each month than they need to keep running at full capacity.

During the second national lockdown and every week Sue Ryder’s shops are closed the charity loses an additional £500,000.

With the treatment of Coronavirus cases taking centre stage recently conditions like cancer are going untreated. Sue Ryder Nurses and healthcare staff are needed more than ever at a time when they simply don’t have enough funding. We’re facing an end-of-life care crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen before”.

If you would like to support Andy by donating please go to his Just Giving page here

News and photos of his challenge will undoubtedly follow!

Contact Andy by E mail here

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