Stay Cool with Penmann

Stay Cool with Penmann - launch

Consistently marketing our business is a central part of our strategic growth plans.  

Our objective is to present a profile of a sharp, dynamic business, proud of our achievements and expertise, and share our successes with current and potential new customers.

Everything we have done communications-wise over the past 5 years, and continue to do, is designed to present a marketing focused business communicating regularly with relevant information to both educate and influence buying decisions.

We are proud to have started the roll out of our latest marketing campaign – primarily on our Linked In platforms – under the theme: Stay Cool with Penmann. A series of eye-catching graphics feature key aspects of our company’s products and services. It’s a development of our key messaging but is a little different and designed to grab your attention.

Launching in July we are part way through the campaign with key messaging to communicate our Stay Cool approach to:


Cool is our Business!

You can get involved and see our campaign on Linked in by following:

John Kirwin:

Penmann Company Linked In page:

Call John Kirwin for more information on 0113 202 7300

Stay Cool Innovation
Stay Cool Sustainability
Stay Cool Advice
Stay Cool Expertise

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