Stranraer, Belfast, North Yorkshire and Kent as we collect supplies for Ukraine

Penmann - Aid to Ukraine continues

John and friends have been busy this week as they resumed efforts to collect and transport Aid for Ukraine. John takes up the story:

“Starting the first leg of the Aid trip – leaving Cairn Ryan at 7am Monday 5th Dec on the P&O Ferry. Calm seas luckily but very cold. Then into Belfast to load the van.

Then we were on our way back to Stranraer and across the Pennines to Skipton before regrouping a few days later.

We’ve teamed up with John Midgley from Grassington who has personally purchased an ex-ambulance. We loaded this and our van at his place with more aid from Yorkshire and set off for Kent on Thursday 8th Dec.

Also on the trip with me is our good friend Simon Blakey. We delivered the van consignment and the ambulance to Valia McDonagh whose tireless work co-ordinating the Aid is nothing short of amazing.

Valia’s team organise all the onward shipments to Ukraine. John Midgley’s ambulance will go to the front with Crimea and the medical aid and generators to other locations in Ukraine.

I’m pleased to continue mine and Penmann’s support of Ukraine in the hope that collectively we can make a difference and ease the suffering of thousands as the weather now has its grip on the country and the war continues. It’s all about Teamwork to make progress and get things done.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more or you wish to help with any aspect of fundraising and aid”.

Arriving at Cairn Ryan
Picking up Aid in Blefast
On the way back from Northern Ireland
Sorting out the supplies
Is all that really going to go in there?
En route to Kent
Dartford at last!

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