Supplier partnerships – vital to the delivery of client projects?

Penmann - Airedale Video

Here at Penmann we believe strongly in the power of supplier partnerships and relationships as a vital element of delivering our solutions to clients. As businesses we are all travelling on the same journey together and so this is why we work hard to nurture strong links with supplier companies.

The benefits are numerous – realistic prices, speed of response, reliability, trust and full understanding of our quality standards. Plus, expertise given freely and – ‘there’ with us and for us should any issues arise.

Our maxim has always been to work with people for the greater good so it gives me and colleagues huge pleasure to have a key supplier give Penmann such a glowing testimonial describing our expertise and professionalism. Thank you Jeremy Hodgin at Airedale International.

Watch Jeremy’s video testimonial here – just 30 seconds needed

Does anybody else agree with us about the importance of Supplier Partnerships? Please feel free to share with us

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