Taking time to focus on our emotional resilience and wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

Each month the team meets during a lunch break as part of our Team Engagement programme.

Judith Lodge, our Office Manager and organiser of all Team Engagement Events introduced guest presenter Jane Keogh.

Jane is an accomplished personal development coach, choosing as her theme for the session:

‘Building true emotional resilience for optimal emotional wellbeing’.

An interactive session followed that was hugely thought provoking, covering many subjects including the issue of male emotions (we are a largely male team) and how men and women deal differently with their own emotions; the need to recognise overwhelm in your life and how to overcome it; how to deal with stress and the way others make you feel/behave;  the nature of emotions – whether they are helpful and unhelpful emotions.

Those of you who follow Penmann on Linked In will know how much importance we place on safeguarding our own mental health. It’s a complex area that Jane presented and discussed with great integrity and tact.

I’m sure we all had our own personal ‘takeaways’ from the session.

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