Team Members Volunteering out on Embsay Moor

Andy and Tony volunteering planting Sphagnum Moss

The Penmann ‘Day off to Volunteer’ programme is back! Andy Wilson and Tony Walton teamed up to spend a day out on the moors above Barden and Skipton.

The task? Planting Sphagnum moss to help retain the water on the moorland and encourage peat bogs to thrive; a massively important feature of any moorland for local ecosystems, biodiversity and carbon capture.

The guys planted around 800 plugs between them – although there is in ongoing debate as to who planted the most! Rivalry is good! Their payment for the day will be donated to Sue Ryder’s Wheatfields Hospice Leeds which Penmann has been pleased to support in the past.

The company organising the planting was Conservefor Ltd from High Bentham in Lancaster run by Gareth Edwards – the UK’s leading peatland restoration contractor. A tough day but massively rewarding and the weather wasn’t too bad either!

The Penmann volunteering day is part of our Team Engagement programme. Each team member can volunteer to help a charity of their choice and are given the day off to do whatever this entails.

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