Teamwork – taking yet more positives from the crisis

Penmann weekly meeting

The team has been working from home for 14 weeks. We are busy, productive and motivated by ongoing interest from customers in our technology, solutions and expertise. All great for our company and business.

But what about the personal outcomes of life in a team that is working but not meeting in person?

That got us thinking. We’ve held a weekly full team meeting via Zoom each week lasting an average of 1 hour. That’s around 2 full days we’ve spent together all in 1 place talking life and business! Multiply those hours by 10 people in the team = 140 hours. That’s a lot of hours!

We will probably never again spend that sort of time as a collective, which is a shame, as the positives are numerous and we are building on these now for an even better and healthier future:

  • Care and support for colleagues
  • Pride in our success during lockdown
  • Closer working relationships – proving you don’t actually have to be in the same building
  • The start of moving towards more flexible working hours
  • Time to consider how we maintain our reduced impact on the environment

Does anybody feel the same way about the positives resulting from Team working from home? Please do share them with us.

We are operating at 100% capacity and look forward to providing sector expertise and service to you in the near future.

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