The Penmann Team heads off to the Lakes!

Penmann in the Lakes

Last weekend our team and their partners (and dogs) went across to Grasmere where we spent a really convivial evening enjoying each other’s company. We’d planned this as part of our Team Engagement programme launched earlier this year. There was no compulsory attendance required so we were delighted when everyone made it a mission to be there.

Great dinner and the odd one or two in the bar and then later John joined the younger team members sampling a few pubs in Grasmere for another odd one or two!! Notwithstanding a slight headache (to which he admitted) he was up with the team for a walk around the lake next morning after breakfast enjoying the most glorious of the early Autumn weather before heading home.

What did we learn from the experience? Looking after colleagues is vital to the teamwork we do so well at Penmann; great reinforcement of the company’s values and beliefs through shared experiences; how good it is getting to know the partners who support our team members at home.

We never lose sight of the fact that our ‘formula’ at Penmann is paying real dividends – enquiries for our expertise are at a record high and we continue to grow and recruit to sustain and promote that growth.

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