The Times They Are A Changing! Our first Contract Review via Zoom!

In the words of Bob Dylan’s song, they most certainly are.

“My normal M.O. for a Contract Review is to jump in the car and drive however many miles to a meeting”, commented John Kirwin our Commercial Director who undertakes the Reviews.

“Our policy is to sit down with clients and undertake a contract review of every project to ensure all aspects have gone to their satisfaction, from enquiry through to commissioning and handover, and to learn any lessons and feed them back into our process for an enhanced customer experience.

This usually takes a full day. But now, with the acceptability of Zoom and other cloud based virtual meeting tools, the landscape has changed and I have now managed and completed my first Contract Review remotely.

Having conversed in this way during the main months of lockdown it seems to me a natural evolution. I miss the face to face opportunities but the time and cost savings, plus efficiency opportunities of online meetings, are clear. Add to that essential site visits only are currently allowed.

Tom Mitson, Project Manager at Lantmännen Bedford ‘met’ me to review the Prover Air Handling upgrade we recently designed and installed. Pleased to report excellent feedback from Tom who liked our level of detail and good communication.  “A pleasure to work with” and gave an 80% customer satisfaction rating. “Always room for improvement”.”

Seems that times will continue to change but keeping in touch with people is a major priority in our business. Why not share how you have adapted your actual business practices and gone virtual?

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