When Should You Give Us A Call? 3 Signs That You Need To Update Your Facility’s Climatic Systems

Climatic Cooling

Chances are you’re a busy manager who’s spinning more plates than you feel you can handle at times.

You’ve delegated as many tasks as you can to your subordinates, streamlined a multitude of processes and made your facility run like a tightly wound machine – but that doesn’t mean important factors won’t slip through the net.

In many cases, the operation you’ve built might need updating, and that means the tech in your facility might need modernising too.

But how do you know when to give a company like Penmann a call?

To give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled these three tell-tale signs that you need to update the climatic systems in your facility.

Take a look – and if any of these problems ring true, give us a call on 0113 202 7300.

  • You can’t keep up with demand

A smaller production area can be perfectly suitable when you’re a fledgling SME – but what about when large-scale orders start rolling in?

You’ll either have to start turning down business or making substantive changes to your production processes.

We did exactly that by helping Bettys, the renowned Yorkshire craft baker, reduce their cooling times and not compromise on the quality of their products.

The result? They were able to expand their production line without having to move premises.

  • Maintenance is proving difficult

When an existing part of your facility is becoming expensive or timely to maintain, it might be time to move onto pastures new.

That could mean undergoing a comprehensive overhaul of your processes or simply finding the weak links and replacing them.

We’ve done this for many clients, but one standout example was KP Snacks. Their existing system, which utilised air sock distribution, wasn’t meeting cooling requirements and had become difficult to maintain.

So we redesigned the system to operate as a displacement system, along with a number of changes which improved their production processes significantly.

  •  You’re suffering with the seasons

It’s not only people who get chilly in the winter and sweltering in the summer – if its temperature isn’t properly regulated, your facility could suffer from the variable effects of the weather too.

This could create unwanted condensation in your produce, and may even impact the health and safety regulations for your staff.

The Lantmannen factory was having exactly that problem, suffering from very high summer ambient temperatures and local over-cooling in winter.

And we fixed it for them. With our solutions, summer temperatures were significantly improved while room pressure remained at a constant level.

The results? Both product quality issues and winter over-cooling issues were eliminated, allowing our client to continue providing excellent baked goods without compromise.

These three examples are only a fraction of what we can offer you. To find out more, get in touch on 0113 202 7300.

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