UKCA Marking Training

Penmann - CE Marking Training

The CE/UKCA marking processes have changed since the UK left the EU.

With safety at the heart of what we do at Penmann our knowledge base and procedures are designed to keep our team safe, as well as you and your teams. Now that the UK has autonomy over its own technical requirements we need to understand the differences that will exist between the CE & UKCA

marking in the UK and the EU.

The Penmann Team attended training to clarify our understanding and obligations:

•        Comparison of CE and UKCA marking

•        Understanding the specific requirements of the UKCA marking

•        Legal requirements associated with UKCA marking

•        Potential risks and opportunities UKCA marking presents

UKCA marking replaced CE marking on 1 Jan 2021, with an adjustment period until 1 January 2023. So, we’re prepared and ready for the changes.

Penmann - CE Marking Training
Penmann - CE Marking trainer
Penmann - the team taking the training

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