Unlocking productivity in your food manufacturing business?

We attended a Seminar in Leeds recently at the invitation of Clarion Solicitors. The subject is one that we are keen to get more involved with as there are many parallels with our service provision, achievements and expertise here at Penmann.

The roundtable discussed techniques for ‘unlocking productivity through bespoke process improvement and data management methodologies’.  In short – how to get organised to keep you and your production processes efficient, both economically and environmentally, as well as honing a competitive advantage.

Penmann has a proven track record of cost and energy savings, delivering enhanced shelf life and ensuring our clients’ products are compliant, as well as making personnel more comfortable and productive in their roles. We do this across our key areas of expertise – Food Cooling and Conditioning, Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems – for the UK’s leading food manufacturers.

You may want to know more about how we achieve this and apply it to help you with your challenges. Please do contact us for an informal chat.

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