We rarely blow our own trumpet at Penmann – but we’re going to now!

Penmann - blowing our trumpet

We are of the firm belief that a testimonial from a client is one of the most important tools of marketing that a business can use to promote credibility and value to others.

Lockdown has given us the opportunity to review the testimonials we’ve received in recent times and to look at what prompts our customers to take the time to support us in this way.

Many of the UK’s top Food Producers have used our services for Air Handling and associated solutions and when you tell us we’ve done a great job there is a common thread amongst the comments:

  • 100% sector expertise
  • Professionalism & customer service
  • Working in live environments
  • Innovative & cost-effective solutions
  • Excellent communication & PM
  • Project completion on time & budget
  • Multiple benefits – reduced energy, increased output, comfortable operatives

These reasons are surely why many leading brands have repeated their experience with Penmann over the years.

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