What are your vital statistics?

Penmann - vital statistics

Purely a question in relation to Linked In! At Penmann most of our team use this platform to find, nurture and develop connections in the food industry. For our Sales and Marketing Director, John Kirwin, this is an especially important part of his marketing strategy.

John was recently reminded that he has been active on Linked In for 11 years. A review of John’s activity and posting during 2020 revealed some interesting ‘vital statistics’:

  • 221 new connections taking John to well over 3,000– thank you everyone!
  • 1,356 profile views – he likes this statistic – again thank you everyone!
  • 2,445 times he engaged with his network – this one really took him by surprise!

John admits he was really quite taken aback by the figures and whilst they may not be record breaking, they reinforce his belief in the power of Linked in as a social marketing tool:

  • Valuable business connections made
  • Reconnected with past colleagues and customers that have moved on to other roles
  • Expanded his network of connections within the food industry
  • Raised awareness of his profile and therefore Penmann
  • Had fun with his native videos from his mountain biking outings
  • Been able to share the more serious side of Penmann’s expertise and how we support and promote the UK Food and Drinks Industry

Linked In is a great conduit to customers and potential customers. We hope you all enjoy what we post on Linked in and here on our News page.

Here’s to the next 11 years when, sure as eggs is eggs, the world as we know it will look a little different. But one thing is for sure – Penmann will still be here providing UK Food Producers with bespoke solutions to your production challenges around product cooling, ventilation and air conditioning.

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