What if you could change lives every day just by doing what you do…………

Penmann - carbon Neurrtral as a result of donating to B1G1

As a business we are delighted to continue our support of the very unique B1G1 the charity whose membership of 2500+ businesses around the world help them to fulfil their mission: to create a world full of giving, a commitment to become a ‘Business for Good’.

Penmann has supported B1G1 – Speakers for Good for many years with donations that are calculated as a % of our sales. The idea being when a customer BUYS from ourselves we share that good fortune by GIVING part of that income to a good cause.  And a good quarter business wise means we can give more. Our recent donation was for Carbon Offset bundles for the office.

The £500 we donated to international organisations has bought us 70 months of carbon offsetting by rescuing food waste, planting trees and giving families in need access to solar lighting across the globe.

As a business we are now carbon neutral for 5 years and 10 months! That’s what we call a result all round.

We don’t shout loudly enough about B1G1. It’ easy to get inspired by what they do and the results they achieve – even a small donation will make a big difference. If you like what you read visit their website.

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