Working with pet food manufacturers as demand continues to rise

Penmann - pet food demand

During the pandemic we highlighted the increase in pet ownership and the consequent increase in demand for food.

Pet food producers are still having to increase capacity to produce safe, correctly cooled food in hygienic and conditioned environments. Today there are 25 million dogs and cats in the UK!

Here at Penmann we are a pet loving business with any number of dogs in the office with their owners on any given day!

We are working with a number of UK producers and taking more and more enquiries for our expertise. We can provide designed and installed solutions to cool pet food and pet treats; air handling solutions to filter and pressurise production environments; extract systems to remove steam, prevent condensation and remove the risk of cross contamination and building fabric corrosion.

Many of our customers are members of the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association, the industry body that represents this important sector and a broad range of members. Great to see that this week they unveiled their new brand identity and are now to be known as ‘UK Pet Food’ . A modern name and bright new look demonstrates that they have evolved, embraced new members and their issues and are planning for a successful future. Congratulations to them.

Get in touch with us if we can bring our vast experience to bear on improving your manufacturing.

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