Are rising energy costs making a dent in your profitability?

Penmann - Free Energy Assessment

Here at Penmann we feel sure that as individuals and businesses we are all closely examining energy usage and seeking ways to economise.

There is no doubt that we all want to play our part in reducing cost burdens either through limited short-term fixes or more strategically planned longer term solutions.

We want to offer our help to Food & Drinks producers to positively reduce energy, and therefore costs. As experts in the design and installation of energy efficient displacement air handling solutions our technical excellence and know how will maximise the use of fresh cool air to deliver it to exactly where it’s needed, ensuring maximum benefit for your people, products and processes.

We can install new or upgrade existing systems. Key benefits:

  • Less air required to achieve same condition as a traditional mixing system = lower capital and running costs
  • For conditioned spaces less air and improved use of free cooling = smaller refrigeration plant and lower running/service costs
  • With Covid still in mind contamination dilution rates = 10 times more effective than traditional mixing systems

We have unrivalled expertise in this field designing and installing these type of systems for the last 25 years right across the Food & Drinks industry.

Here’s what we achieved for KP Snacks

Why not have a FREE ASSESSMENT of your existing systems to see how you can reduce those energy bills and meet your targets for carbon reduction, as well as achieve the potential for ROI in under two years? Just call or message John Kirwin on 07880 507888 or e mail him:

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