High Humidity Levels in your manufacturing unit?

Penmann - Bakkavor high humidity elimination

It can be a Health & Safety nightmare. You can prevent that nightmare by engaging with Penmann to harness our 45 years of experience and expertise in the control and elimination of high humidity levels.

Wet environments increase microbial risk, leading to a higher chance of microorganisms infecting your food production facility and compromising the quality of the food your produce.

When no two clients face the exact same issues, a standard ventilation or air conditioning solution will not cure your problems. One size does not fit all. Penmann designs bespoke solutions that:

  • Avoid compromising hygiene
  • Eliminate the accumulation of condensation on building fabrics
  • Make it easy to dry out production areas after washing down
  • Future-proof your facility

Here’s how we helped leading brand Bakkavor replace an outdated system in their powder mixing room, with an installation that has now eliminated the risk of germ breakout and microbial contamination.

Feel free to call us for more success stories in moisture reduction.

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