The Penmann summary: our highlights from 2018 (so far)


We’re six months into 2018 (already!) and this has so far been a stellar year at Penmann HQ.

Our blog has been packed with helpful tips, case studies and articles that could help you learn more about our industry.

Feel like you’ve missed out?

Don’t fret – we’ve compiled the best bits of our blog from the past six months in one handy location.

So dive in and get reading!

Cadbury’s non-melting chocolate – an expert lesson in temperature control

‘We’ve all suffered in the heat – we sweat, turn bright-red from the sun and do the very British thing of moaning about even the slightest hint of warm weather.

‘But if you think you’re hotting up, just imagine the state of the chocolate in your pocket.

‘Chocolate is well known for its propensity to melt, but those days might finally be behind us.

‘Cadbury has been busy in its labs perfecting melt-resistant chocolate which remains solid after three hours, even at 104 degrees Fahrenheit.’

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The Penmann jargon buster: HEPA filtration explained

‘Welcome to our jargon buster, a new semi-regular feature in which we define a few terms we use that might leave you scratching your head.

‘For this post: HEPA filtration

‘High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are one of the most widely used filtration systems in the world, and you’ll find them everywhere from air hangars to food production facilities to the air conditioner in your home.’

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When should you give us a call? 3 signs that you need to update your facility’s climate system

‘Chances are you’re a busy manager who’s spinning more plates than you feel you can handle at times.

‘You’ve delegated as many tasks as you can to your subordinates, streamlined a multitude of processes and made your facility run like a tightly wound machine – but that doesn’t mean important factors won’t slip through the net.

‘In many cases, the operation you’ve built might need updating, and that means the tech in your facility might need modernising too.

‘But how do you know when to give a company like Penmann a call?

‘To give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled these three tell-tale signs that you need to update the climatic systems in your facility.’

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The health of the food and drink industry: is this 2018’s standout success story?

‘With Brexit negotiations creating uncertainty across a broad range of market sectors, the financial health of many companies is falling under increasing scrutiny.

‘However, the food and drink industry (the main source of business at Penmann) remains one of the great boons of the UK’s market infrastructure.

‘Especially within the past decade, the food and drinks sector has made incredible gains, in part because of an increase in the number of cafes on the high street, the rise of gastro dining and the continuing love of consumers for brands like Coca-Cola, Nestle and Quorn.’

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