Penmann 2021 – how did we do? Take a look

Penmann- 2021 timeline year of achievement

I get a personal boost from looking back at Penmann’s performance over the previous 12 months. We’ve made it a discipline to do this as it catalogues the achievements we’ve made as a business and shows how far we’ve come since our last performance review.

In the 2020 review I talked about what a strange year it had been, and whilst 2021 has been far from ‘normal’ we have managed to forge ahead in a number of key areas:

  • Expanding the team- 3 key appointments made
  • Major contracts from more blue chip companies tendered for and won
  • Best start ever to a new financial year (Oct)
  • Supporting our chosen charities and ‘Giving Back’ to those less fortunate than ourselves
  • Implementing a successful working from home policy
  • Above all………..having some fun!

As usual it’s our team, support companies, including Altrigen, YTL, Alcumus, Lyndon Associates Marketing and ActionCoach, as well as all our loyal customers and associates, who support us consistently at Penmann – a massive thanks to everyone.

2021 is here in graphics and is very definitely worth a minute of your time to read and review.

Penmann - timeline graphic 2021
Penmann Timeline & Year of Achievement 2021

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